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Welcome to the Mineclaps webstore!

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Here, you can purchase unique and captivating ranks and perks that enhance your day-to-day gameplay on our server. To start, select a category on the navbar above and select a package You will also need to enter your full, correct Minecraft username to ensure that you receive your purchased products. All payments are handled securely through PayPal.

Payment Support

If you do not receive your items within 10 minutes make sure you contact a member of our staff team on Discord and we will assist you in the fastest manner possible. 

Refund Policy:

Any purchase made to Mineclaps is finite. At Mineclaps we have a strict no refund policy, once something is purchased by a user this is final and there will be no refunds, exchanges or trades for absolutely any reason. 

Note to minors:

We appreciate your enthusiasm enormously, but we would like to request you to ask a parent or authoritative adult for permission before buying a package from the store.

Recent Clappers
1x Herobrine Pack
1x King
1x Mercenary
1x Thor,1x Thanos